Wine-growing in many parts of Holland is only possible by planting special grapes. These grapes have been developed over the past 50 years in Germany with the aim of mildew resistance and rapid maturation. These developments have led in recent years to grape varieties which make excellent wines .

In 2006, we have selected the following grapes to grow on our vineyard:

White: Solaris and Johanniter
Gris: Souvignier gris
Red: Pinotin and Cabernet Cortis

Due to this variety of grapes we can produce the following wines :



A country wine made up of a blend of Solaris and Johanniter . The powerful full-bodied tones and strong alcohol content of Solaris combines perfectly with the fresh and fruity Johanniter . This blend creates a nice balanced wine that is perfect on a sunny terrace or in the evening with a snack.


This Pinot Gris is one of our top wines.The grape is called Souvignier gris , it’s gray / light red in color and is harvested very late in the season, in mid-November.Because of the low level of color in the peel the juice remains almost completely white. The Souvignier gris is blended with other grapes , either Solaris or Johanniter . The result is rock solid!

The powerful and spicy aromas are dancing in every glass.The smell and taste even look very promising . The aftertaste is simply spectacular, making this wine combine very well with your first or main course .

The name Adriana refers to the last farm on the site of the Amstel Garden: the Adrianahoeve . A gesture to the past.



This smooth red wine is made from the Pinotin grape. A beautiful bright red color, combined with a light aroma and a palate with light vanilla and black fruit. This wine is a delight on a sunny terrace and thus an attractive alternative to white wine . This wine is best served slightly chilled.



The pride of the Amsteltuin .

A full rosé made from the Cabernet Cortis and Pinotin grapes. By soaking the grapes only briefly, this rosé has a nice bright color. In May this wine is transported to Germany where carbonic acid is added in an Sektkellerei.The result is surprisingly pleasant: delicious notes of red fruit combined with a gentle fizz provide summer in your glass .